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Introduction to Department of German Language and Literature

Germany has taken a center position of German speaking countries along with Switzerland and Austria nearby and its position in world history is on the growth through its location in central Europe and through reunification. This heightened status thus gives an increasing need for education on Germany and her language. Beginning in the past, Germany has been a country famous for its philosophers and writers e.g. Goethe, Heine, Kafka and their literatures are widely read throughout the world. Accordingly, studying in the department helps students to develop communicative ability in German on the basis of reading comprehension, understanding politics, economy, society and culture of German speaking countries, and becoming enabled to understand, analyze, and even criticize works of German literature. Major courses are German Grammar, Writing, Conversation, Literature History, Poetry, Drama, Novel and Introduction to German Linguistics. German reunification and European integration, becoming more fast-paced, places Germany’s role and position in international society to be increased and thus this calls for local specialists in various fields of politics, economy, society, culture and etc. Graduates can become professionals in the classic fields of occupation: professors, teachers,
interpreters/translators and are also able to work in media companies, that is, broadcasting companies, publication companies, and in the field of culture. Also, they can work where international work take place e.g. public institutions, finance companies, trading companies, etc.